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Hotel Bellaria Iasi

With a tradition of over half a century, the Summer Garden is the center of Bellaria Hotel, but also the foundation for the whole complex of services, facilities and treats that define Bellaria Hotel. As now full of lilac, the garden location, called in the beginnings "Zahana", was in great demand among Iasi population and beyond. Here, you can find one of the best traditional dishes, such as soup, steak and also house wine, which was kept in barrels in the cellar located under the terrace.

In 1997, with the changing of owners, the garden changes its name, becoming "Onyx". Two years after it was taken over by the new and current owners, the garden was renovated, comfort and privacy being prioritized for guests and offering value and beauty to the omnipresent lilac. Also in 1999 the first restaurant in classic style was built, and part of the terrace was covered. In 2006 the second restaurant was built, the "Rustic" Restaurant with Moldovan cuisine and the following year the third restaurant "Gourmet" was inaugurated, a stylish lounge inspired by Victorian style.

In 2008, Onyx becomes Bellaria Hotel, in part due to opening a hotel section, endowed with the important equipment and facilities for guests, without the aesthetic aspects to be neglected: every floor of your hotel, including the rooms are decorated in different colors and artwork signed by prominent artists of Iasi whom personalized each space.

Moreover, art is omnipresent throughout the venue, hallways, in the restaurants and especially in Rustic Restaurant - where everything, from bas-reliefs to dishes, is done painstakingly and with dedication from Romanian artists. Summer Garden also has its artistic component, with the bronze boar that greets you at the entrance, the outdoor oven located in the immediate vicinity and also the two statuary that mark the entrance to Rustic Restaurant. Anew, every spring the Summer Garden enjoys the visit of a group of artist guests that you rarely have the honor to host them: lilac flowers that permeated the place with their beauty and fragrance. That is when the garden is most beautiful!

Loja Domneasca Restaurant, the newest restaurant from Bellaria Hotel opened in June 2013, enjoys being near the Summer Garden and graceful chandeliers and wooden inlays decorate it and highlighting the charm of the location.

You are always welcome!

Comanda mancare de la restaurant Rustic

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